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Top Technology method order
Explanation about pure-series Woofer-Hi-Definitioner-pure (WHDPURE)
Headphone(H2) Supertweeterpure(BATPURE) Supertweeter(BATPRO)
Supertweeter(BATMASTER) Woofer-Hi-Definitioner(WHD & STAND)
How to make speaker
If a double code of about
2m is cutting off the shrink
tube, and the mini plug is
cut, RCH and LCH divide
and it becomes two speaker
cables. The same ax from which +line is covered with
the earth appears when the
coating of the point is
peeled off. Of course, other
speaker cables can be used.
Wrapping around the
speaker terminal of the
screw might be good.
Method 2 of audition (audition of headphone)
Recommendation 1
1. A forked connector of the attachment is inserted in
headphone female connector of the amplifier.
2. The BATPUREC pair is put forward of the audition position,
and it is attached by stereo with the cable,
and the stereo
mini-plug is inserted in one of female forked connector.
3. Headphone mini-plug of the headphone is inserted in other
female forked connector.
4. Then, the sound stage to which it stuck in the vicinity of
the top of the head moves forward by the supersonic wave
effect radiated from BATPUREC. And a peculiar stress which
we feel when we use the headphone disappear. Sound and
vividness of sound increase at the same time. The quality
of the bass improves, too.
5. It is effective even if BATPUREC is about 3m away forward.
Please use mini plug/standard plug conversion connector
when the headphone has a standard plug.
(Mini plug/standard plug conversion connector is not
attached to this set. )

Recommendation 2
1. In addition, an extremely wide sound space appears when
preparing the BATPUREC or BATPURE one more, diverging
further with a forked connector of the attachment, and putting
it on the wall side or back sides.

Recommendation 3
2 If BATPURE is built in the headphone, the sound that extends
to the sound stage becomes denser.

The method of connecting the headphone that has a special plug like TAKET-H2 and the electrostatic type headphone, etc. is here.
Method 3 of audition(audition of speaker) Method1 of audition(audition of TV)
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