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Fig1. Fig2.
How to make earphone
Please refer Fig.2
(Fig.2 is
which is discontinued

Of course ,you can connect the cable
like Fig1. without
ring plugs.

1. Let roll the peeled wire of cable to the screw. And tighten it between head of screw and washer ( ring plate )
2. Of course, you can tightened by use of ring plugs as shown in Fig2.@

1. Method of connection with main speaker 2. Method of setting
Fig.3 Fig.4


Please connect the terminals of BATPURE_C
to the terminals of main speaker in parallel.
Please connect the terminals of BATPURE_C
to the terminal for the treble terminal
of the bi-wiring terminals of main speaker
in parallel,
It is basic to make front-face of BATPURE
and the front-face of main speaker are on
the same face. However, the setting must
be done to various places because the
situation of the room etc.are different.
it is necessary to search for the best place.
3. Method of connection with TV



The sound will change to good separation from plain sound, if BATPURE or BATPURE_C
are connected to internal speaker of TV.
You can enjoy even in the classics music etc.
though the sound of the television is poor in general.
Method of connectionG
It comes to audit TV with internal speaker and headphone
at the same time by setting of remote control.
Then,you can obtain same effect,if you insert the earphone plug which connected with BATPURE or BATPURE_C to the monitor output,
4 ; Method of audition of headphone
Recommendation 1
A splitter is inserted in the female connector of
headphone of amplifier.
The BATPUREC is put forward of the audition
position, and it's stereo mini-plag attached to
the cable is inserted in one of the female
connector of splitter.
Mini-plug of the headphone is inserted in other
female splitter.
Then, the sound stage to which it stuck in
the vicinity of the top of the head moves forward
by the supersonic wave
effect radiated from BATPUREC. And ia peculiar
stress which you might feel when you use the headphone, because of you hear music only
by ear will disappear.
Vividness of sound will increase at the same time.
The quality of the bass will be improved, too.
It is effective even if BATPUREC is about 3m
away forward.
Please use mini plug/standard plug conversion connector
,if necessary.






5 ; Another recomendation

Recommendation 2
If BATPURE is built incide the headphone to add on this method,
sound stage extends more and becomes denser.

Recommendation 1
1. In addition, an extremely wide sound stage appears when
preparing the BATPUREC or BATPURE one more diverging
further with a splitter, and putting it on the side of the wall
or back of the wall.

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