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Company introduction
1. Establishment
Ltd. is established as a research and development company in July, 2001.

2. The capital JPYeight million.

3. Address
251-0875 Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa city Honfujisawa1-10-9 Japan
telephone number: 0466-82-8485

4. Dealings bank
Tokyo-Mitsubishi bank Fujisawa branch

5. Activities
(1) It specializes in technological development, and the licensing of technology of the
technology that develops.
(2) The commodity that can make the best use of the feature of the specific technology
is manufacturing sold.
Present activities of product
1)Sales beginning in July 1,2004 ; super-tweeter TAKET-BAT1
2)Sales beginning in July 1,2005 ; super-tweeter TAKET-BATPRO
3)Sales beginning in July 1,2006 ; piezo-electric headphone TAKET-H2
4)The battery remainder capacity detection system: It has sold it off to one company

Note 1:@It has registered the patent of Japan and the United States in relation to 1) 2) 3)
4) . Moreover, it is applying for a lot of patents.

6. Career
(1) The recognition of the creative business activity promotion method is received from
2004.7.16 Kanagawa Prefectural governor