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Audio critic's evaluation article

1. Mr. Saburo Egawa is commenting in a Ongen publisher(Japan) Web site

2. Moreover, Mr. Saburo Egawa is frequently taken up in the Saburo Egawa laboratory corner of the
Audio accessories magazine (Ongen publisher) and evaluated as an item indispensable to audition the laboratory.

3. Mr. Tadashi Hayashi is evaluated about TAKET-BATPRO on Power supply & accessories 2006(Ongen publisher),
"The octave improves at a dash by the two ways-Harbes + HL compact combination, it rises, the mezzo-soprano
of Hone Ottar dances in the sky lightly, the overtone element is brewed one after another, and reproduction with
he feeling of coolness is obtained, and the rise of expression is felt to the bass region".

4. Mr.Yutaka Suzuki is STERO magazine 2005. It is evaluated on the August edition (Ongaku-no-Tomo Co.),
"It became BATPRO and the cost performance went up further though it was thought that BAT1 was also cheap".


1. Mr. Saburo Egawa wrote on Record art magazine 2006. It is expressed by the column of "Manners of Audio + one "
in August (Ongaku-no-Tomo Co.), "A light, crisp tone was evaluated for the headphone as the feature,
and he wrote that the fish that was in mud before obtained the clear stream, began to move pleasantly with WHD"

2. Mr. Akira Sumiyama is evaluated on the Audio accessories magazine 2006AUTUMN122 (Ongen publisher),
"Aging was felt insufficient a little by me. In an middle-range region, there are relaxed and brightness like
the capacitor type headphone. If aging advances, it is likely to become wonderful power of expression
because powerful not obtained by the capacitor type is felt as for the bass range. Moreover, it has been
understood to bury the space of the sound by the sound of micro-element for WHD as well as
TAKET-BATPRO and to increase smoothness.".


1.Mr.Isao Shibasaki wrote that the extension feeling and the depth feeling increase in audio accessories magazine 2009 in P185 of SUMMER133, the sound stage becomes very fresh, and vocal and the stringed instrument become fine sounds by gloss. The impulse to purchase cannot be suppressed, if you once hear the sound of BATMASTER because a glossily and a transparent feeling increase greatly compared with BATPRO, and the depth feeling of the sound place becomes deep..