Top Technology method order

Cylindrical TAT driver creates three-dimensional stage

It cut below 20kHz to achieve a transparent sound

Combining lively vivid-sounds and sound-stage 

Uses a natural wood cabinet

JPY 132,000  ( pair )

Main Specifications

1. Drive system : Cylindrical TAT driver (TAKET's unique drive system. See technology page)

2. Minimum impedance : 200 ohms

3. Frequency response ; 20kHz - 100kHz

4. Directivity ; 360° (omnidirectional)

5. Volume position ; 1 to 7 and 7 over (the position turned further from 7 is 7 over)

6. Sensitivity ; Volume figures are the main speaker's sesitivity which will introduce natural
         efficiency of TAKET-LIVE.

7. Mass ; about 265 gram
  Size ; Width ; about 75 mm ,Height ; about 112 mm,
      Depth about 88 mm( terminal inclouded )

a. Base and Cap ; walnut wood, urethane clear matte coating

b. Body ; SPCC perforated metal with quenching matte
     black paint

c. Comparison photo of BATPRO2 and TAKET-LIVE 
 side-by-side is shown on the right.


Usage method
TAKET-LIVE back 1. Connection method ; Please connect the + and -
  terminals of your speaker and TAKET-LIVE by speaker
  cables each other. If your speaker has more than
  2-way terminals, connect to the highest frequency terminals
  You can also connect directly to the output terminal of
  the amplifier.
  There are rare speakers with + and - reversed.
  In that case, it is better to reverse the + and -
  connections of TAKET-LIVE "Please try it once."  

2. Adjustment of the sound pressure level; 
  The numerical value of the volume level panel is indicated
  on the product name label on the bottom plate.
  This efficiency shows the efficiency of the main speaker
   when the natural effect of TAKET-LIVE is exhibited.

   Intuitively, the levels can be expressed as follows.

Level 1; Hidden taste level Level 5; Natural level
Level 7 & over; Excitement level

Difference from conventional products
1. BATPRO2 adds detailed sound expression, and the sound field spreads behind
  the speakers. On the other hand TAKET-LIVE Then, in addition to the features
  of BATPRO2, the sound field spreads in front of and behind the speakers,
  and the sound has a solid sense of transparency.
2. BATMASTER brings out the dry brightness when a performance starts in
  a real concert hall. On the other hand, TAKET-LIVE It can be said to be the relaxed
  brightness of an outdoor concert hall. "It's not a choice, but both have their own charms.

 BATMASTER and BATPRO2 are finished in production,
 but TAKET-LIVE is a good replacement for the two models.