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Top Technology method order
BATPURE is connected to the monitor-output of TV
Here, we explains the method of connecting BATPURE with an internal speaker in parallel
without remodeling the TV by using the monitor-output that is put on side or back of TV.
In this connection, a built-in speaker of TV and BATPURE can be driven at the same time.
(There is a model that should set it by remote control.)
BATPURE can make enough effect to sound stage of TV even if a signal come from monitor-output is weak.
Fig.1 RCA terminal of monitor-output on TV back
White (left sound CH) and red (right sound CH)
of the monitor-output is used.
Yellow for the image is not used.
According to the TV, the terminal is put
at the side of TV.

When the monitor-output terminal is earphone jack,
an internal speaker and BATAPURE can be connected
in parallel by a similar method with earphone plug.

Fig.2 A pair of RCA cabl
Left Fig.2 is a pair of RCA cable shoud be connected to
the monitor-output terminals. One of end point of the cable are made
as shown in Fig.3. Please cut it when some terminals have adhered.

A remaining cable might be stocked in your house because
it is attached to some electric appliances.

Fig.3 Processing of other end point of RCA white(left CH) cable
If a white terminal is cut, it becomes one wick shield line.
When the hull is peeled off by about 3cm, a blue cable covered with
the shield copper wire will appear.
Let make the shield copper wire like the string and cover with
the heat-shrink tube. If there is no heat-shrink tube,
it is OK as even bare not covering by heat-shrink tube.
The end point must be made about 5-7mm a bare conductor.
Fig.4 Connection of BATPURE Fig.5 Soldering
A red and a blue line are twisted
and connected with +terminal
The earth cables is connected with
the -terminal of BATPUREs.
Let solder quickly with the small amount of solder.
It is OK also in the state twisted without soldering.
Fig.6 BATPURE is put on the TV. Fig.7 Connect to monitor-output terminals
A strong bonding tape has adhered
on the back of BATPURE.
Please put a pair of BATPURE
on the front of TV.
Let insert the RCA plugs to the monitor-output
terminals. Please connect right BATPURE to
right CH(Red) and connect left BATPURE to
left CH(white).
Fig.8 TV audition; BATPURE is effective Fig.9 TV audition; BATPURE is not effective
The sound is emitted from person's mouth,
and the presence goes out to the screen.
Music is also vivid and the happiness
of audition become doubles.
When the packing tape is pasted on BATPURE,
and the effect of BATPURE is invalidated,
Images and sounds of screen will come back
to former flat.