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Cordless Super tweeter

* Listen to the skin of the wrist with a very small
  ultrasonic sound.
* The sound stage and sound quality of earphones,
  headphones and speakers are upgraded..
* It makes watching movies, TV and listening audio
  much more enjoyable.
* People can experience sound through their skin

JPY 19.800
1. Main specifications

1. Driving method: TAT driver method (Taket's original polymer piezoelectric bimorph film-based heil-type drive)

2. 3V coin battery power source: Lithium coin battery(CR2032; capacity approx. 0.7Wh)
  No problem for boarding on aircraft

3. Oscillation Frequency: 85kHz single frequency(Outside the audible range of the human ear)

4. Impedance: 4kΩ or more

5. Maximum sound pressure: Equivalent to
  the amount produced by lightly rubbing fingers together. It is very low pressure.

6. Current consumption: 0.4mA (with a new CR2032) it can be used continuously for approximately 200 hours.

7. Size:Band (with built-in diaphragm film): Length approx. 125 mm,Width approx. 30 mm   
                          Thickness approx. 1 mm
  Power supply case: Diameter approx. 39 mm, Height approx. 10 mm
  Strap ; Length Approximately 280 mm, Thickness approximately 1 mm

8. Mass: Approximately 23 grams (including batteries)

2. Usage scenarios and effects
This doubles the immersive
experience in the cinema.
Attach it to your wrist like a watch.
If you turn on the power switch,
you will feel the effect after 2-3 seconds.
The sound from earphones and headphones becomes lively.
If you place it in front of a TV,
the sound from the TV will be
clearer and when people are
speaking, the sound will come
from their mouths, making
the scene more realistic.
he combination of our products TAKET-LIVE
and WHDPURE provides sound spread and
a thick bass, Morover adding WS provides
a more 3D effect.
3.Configuration and
  operation details
 It emits ultrasonic sounds of
85kHz, which are inaudible to the
human ear, onto the skin and
combines them with the sound
from the main speaker
or headphones to let you know
when the sound started.
The sound pressure level is about
the same as when you lightly rub
your fingers together, so it doesn't
bother those around you.
1. Wrap the band b around the wrist so that the sheet a covers the skin on the wrist by strap c

2. Slide the black knob e on the top of the power supply case d to the ON side to turn on the power.

3. The 85kHz ultrasonic waves emitted by the TAT driver f (PVDF piezoelectric bimorph film)
 which is sandwiched between the protecteive cover g and seat a are radiated as sound to the skin
 of the wrist. The wrist hears the 85kHz ultrasonic sound not be transmitted mechanical vibration.

4. It will last for approximately 200 hours even if the power is left on. You can check the remaining
 battery capacity by pushing the battery level check button h.The battery level check LED i
will light up red whether the power switch knob e is ON or OFF.
 When you stop pressing the push button the frequency will automatically revert from 2.5kHz to 85kHz.

5. 85kHz wave will change to 2.5kHz audible frequency, if you slide the knob e to the ON side and push
 the battery level check push button h. But the sound is small, so please place the sheet a attach
 your ear in a quiet place. If you can hear the sound, TAT driver f and the circuit d are not broken.

6. When the battery capacity runs out, Pressing button h will not light up LED i even if you push the button h.

7. Pull the battery removal groove j to remove the battery cover k. The battery inside will pop up,
 making it easier to remove.Insert the new battery with the + side facing up. Press the battery cover
 while inserting it.

Note 1: Even thhough depending on the person, it may take 2 to 3 seconds before you notice
     a change of the sound quality when turning the slide switch ON and OFF.

4.Usage Overview
For example, push the white
switch head with a thin stick.
Whether the power is ON or OFF,
if there is battery power remaining,
the red LED next to it will light up.
The push button will return to its
original position when you stop
pressing it.
When watching TV or listneing
speakers or headphones, you
can also get good esults by
placing it on a TV stand
or a seating table.
If you loop the watch strap
behind the main band,
it becomes a folding stand.
Please wear on
the wrist like a watch.
Turn the power switch ON.
It may take 2 to 3 seconds
before you notice a change
in sound.
Place your fingertip in the groove
on the back and pull in
the direction of the arrow to
remove the top cover.