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Top Technology method order
A Shape and size seen from four directions
1. Front
2. Back
The block of aluminum alloy is cut, and be anodized.
BATPURE is fixed to the brass stick covered with
the insulating film. And speaker terminals are inserted
to the opposite side of this brass stick.
BATPURE is covered by stainless plate which has
 a lot of pinholes to diffuse the sound.
The speaker terminal is fixed to the brass stick
inserted in the block.
The speaker terminal can pass the wire of 2.2.
Moreover, the banana plug can be used. Red line
on the neck of the terminal indicate +
and black line is -.
3. Ceiling 4. Side
5. Mass
About 140 gram / 1 piece
B. Electric specification ( It is the same as BATPURE. )
Details of BATPURE
Please refer to here
c. How to use
1. Audition of Audio
In generally, BEE-PURE should be put on the ceiling
of the main speaker. But it become better to put
other place by difference of speaker systems,
circumstances of rooms and the favorite of audience.
For example it is better to put it around near
for bass favorite
How to connect BEE_PURE
Please connect BEE-PURE to terminal of main speaker in parallel. Please connect to the terminal of speaker
of treble, if there are
terminal which are separated as use for bass and treble. There is no problem,
if BEE-PURE is connected to amplifier directly.
You need not insert other electric circuit like filter.
2. Audition of TV
A built-in speaker of the television is generally
poor. Then, a built-in speaker was enhanced
recently to improved tone quality came to be sold.
However, we hear the person's voice, the sound of
backing and music from the entire screen without
clear separation even in the high spec sound quality
TV. Starting point of the sound is supplemented with
Bee-pure's quick response. So, the distinction of
the sounds of the voice and musical instruments
become clear, if BEE_PURE is connected there
in parallel, and you can feel that theperson's voice is
generated from the mouth of the image.
Then, the image can be feeled 3D with reality.
We can appreciate the classics music, even in a past
,poor internal speaker..
How to connect to TV
It is good when the panel in the back of the television is removed and it is connected with a built-in speaker
in parallel. But a special technology is necessary, and to our regret, the television manufacturer doesn't
admit remodeling. Instead, we will recommend the method of the connection to the monitor
terminal of the television. However, the monitor terminal has not placed to all the televisions.
It is necessary to confirm whether there is a monitor terminal in a television at first.
(Monitor terminal; Terminal that signal can be output at the same time while sounding internal speaker)
At recently, an earphone terminal is used as the monitor terminal combinedly.
For your information, I examined the presence of the monitor terminal of a television on the market.
Sony; It takes with the high spec model only . The earphone terminal is conbined with sub-woofer using.
Panasonic; For the majority of models, The earphone terminal can be used with an internal speaker sounding
Sharp Samsung and LG; The monitor terminal has not adhered.
( We examined the spec of each model on their web site which are sold on the market in Japan .
Please confirm the accurate intelligence directly from the manual and the shop, etc.)
3. Other audition
It can be used also for the tone quality improvement of the headphone and the earphone.
Please refer to the explanation of BATPURE-C. which is discontined it's sales already