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Kochi Prefecture Japan   Akihide Shirotake    Impression of TAKET-BAT1

Because my audio calendar is from high school days, it becomes 40 years or more. Electricity is doesn't understand
basic this year as for electricity because the work of accounting not related at , and a complete amateur. It became
in software from hardware for about 15 years about interest in audio .

The audio device that I am using is the one with an old audio systems like the following.
(machine used)
LP player The belt drive of CEC (..It is somewhat remodeled.)
Cartridge      The MC cartridge made of the Entree is chiefly used.
Transformer Made of Bel Air(garage manufacturer in Tokyo Sendagi)
CD player 1 CEC CD-1(made of original of Ippinkan Osaka )
2 Philips LHH500(remodeling)
Preamp Made of Bel Air(CR type Vacuum tube no return amplifier )
Power amplifier  Made of Bel Air(single WE300B no return amplifier)
Speaker 1      Altec Valencia(initial type 16Ω)
2 Tannoy same ax SP 15-inch's addition box made of utopia(family-king )
SP cable The phone wire is doubly used. (result of a variety of trials)

Though Altec Valencia is an initial product and a type with old 16Ω specification. This is very satisfied with
the current state. Tannoy is the one (removing the one that was attached to old Arden and the replacement with the
box made of the Utopia), and because the edge was changed to the deer leather, the feeling that almost became it
as well as Arden though some efficiency has risen because there is no acoustic-absorbable material.
Feeling that is about 4dB lower than Valencia.
(Is about 93dB?) Though the tannoy was adjusted to correspond to
recent software,there are some distortion in treble of Violin. I thought if this respect was improved,
Well though not said the big change. differ three-dimensionally extension musical atmosphere the sound stage
when BAT1 is added clearly(And any more ..the extension of hall tone musical atmosphere more than any of
a tannoy speaker ) There are no distortion in Hillary-Hearn and it take..sound..beautiful..hear.Moreover, sense of
relief that was able to pull out Acappella of the Star-in-the-east in a high-range very fresh listened and was able
to listen to color feeling very pleasantly in the music. It was possible to listen each performance add BAT1 natural
though I listened to other string quartet and a piano concerto, etc. , too. There was no sense of existence unlike
the tweeter that had been used up to now, and it liked a very natural point to BAT1. It is not possible to listen
without BAT1 any longer exaggeratedly.
I reports it to be a very effective to my device. Thank you for developing the good one at a low price.
I importantly uses it. The anxious point is only a problem of durability now.Anyway, because I listen to about 3-4 hours every day.

Our comment; We told to use it quite without worry even if listened for durability every day how long.

Tokyo Japan Yasuhiro Shodai Impression of TAKET-BATPRO

I patronizing always TAKET-BATPRO until I bought it from the audio union (delivery on June 25). I am using it by composing
autograph + ST-200+TAKET-BATPRO. It sets up on the autograph, and it is improved considerably on the tone
quality. The seat of the J1 project is put on the upper part of the front side of the cutout and
the transformer, and tone quality is improved to the bark stop of plastic considerably. Information of sound
increased rapidly, so TAKET-BATPRO can't be omit.
Thank you for sending off a wonderful product to the world. I brought in to the Kusakabe electricity-shop near my
home, and we auditioned. It considerably liked it for president Kusakabe of. The effect of TAKET-BATPRO fully
iSo he ntroduces to the other now, and gets purchase.

Our comment; Thank you for introducing it to the others.

Chiba Prefecture Japan  Mr.Kiyoyoshi Mikanagi  Impression of TAKET-BATPRO

TAKET-BATPRO has been used since August. I feel hearing a very natural sound and came to being able
the distinction of the sounds of musical instruments very glad. I uses it together with D-77FRX of ONKYO and SX-DW7 of Victor now. Because the manual was seen today, I was noticed that the reproduction frequency band region was
"18kHz-300kHZ". Are 300kHz true though do a too high nature? A too small nature is done in 30kHZ.
Moreover, though it is welcome if it can explain drive system "Heil type of polymer piezo-electric" a little more.
Could you introduce something reference document? My best regards.

Our comment; Because the distinction with the noise was not necessarily clear, we measured 300kHz in the
reproduction frequency band region though the result that made our original Microphone for trial purposes
and measured it. But Emi Nishina of assistant professor
of independent administrative agency media education Development Center (Guraduate University for
Advanced Studies cultural department of scientific research) mesured and recognized 150kHz(It is limit of microphon)
So we woud publish 150kHz that was able to be confirmed in the specification.

Kanagawa Prefecture Japan Mr.Mutsuhiro Harada    Impression of TAKET-BAT1 & BATPRO

this is a person who asked the method of lowering the efficiency of BAT1 in August. I tried on this consecutive
holidays though it was not possible to experiment easily because the place was a lodge in the mountain.
The result is very excellent. Thank you. It settled down by about 70Ω resistance. Resistance used two Fukushima
Futaba skeleton resistance for the series. That can be consecutive by VR etc. because there is a considerably
severe reaction when trying.
It is thought it is possible if the amplifier is prepared for exclusive use.
In that case, what is the load? It seems to be wasteful to connect 8Ω by the dummy. The reproduction that
BATPRO recommended to the friend is very excellent is done. TAKET mike DSD recording might be good. BATPRO is
attenated by resistance as my friend is also similar, an excellent reproduction is done, and " photograph of
The system of Dream of Makoto Kato's listening room in the MJ magazine.. the June edition (the 1000th
commemoration magazine) for 06 years comes out.
The blue-ray authoring system is designed on business, and the
high bit high sampling the audio encode room is done though it is private. I will report when achieving it.
I thought that have BATPRO appear, too. I expects can amuse us with the product that not is before in the future.

Our comment; The method of lowering efficiency for resistance was answered. Because the method
of lowering with the capacitor was very effective was confirmed afterwards. It describes it in FAQ 1.
However, If driving with another amplifier there is possibility for internal resistance to overheat when the volume is
raised too much and to damage, So do not raise it more than the sound pressure of the speaker of the main too much.

Tokyo Japan Mr.Michio Akiyama   Impression of TAKET-BATPRO

I reports on the impression used though the short span of time still. It makes more than 8kHz (6db/oct) with
amplifier Laksman M-70F for and tied Fostex T925A(108db)for high range-sound . The high pitched sound
limbered quietly, and the fineness of T925A seems to have gone up.
On the other hand, volume of information
has increased even to the sign like player's breath and conductor's yell and audiences' noises etc. more clearly.
It is felt that the impression of the performance changes, too, and understands that the audio is important to
appreciates music very well. The effect seems to be remarkable in DVD-audio and SACD and Analog-disc.
It was surprised that the scratch noise of Analog-disc changed into the sound "Ftsu". I felt the sound of BATPRO
when I heard the the orchestra of Bambelg and the solo of Sayaka Shoji at the end of May. Well I uses 100db position
of rotary swich and the attenuation rate with 20db/oct. The chance to listen to the chamber music has increased
because player's breathing etc. were felt in the round, and it had come to be able to be opposite to the player with
thanks to BATPRO recently.

Tokyo Japan Mr. I Impression of TAKET-BATPRO

I am classic recording engineer. The acquaintance was made to listen putting up TAKET-BATPRO to
the speaker of home (Mitsubishi DS10000 ) this time. TAKET has raised resolution further though a present
tweeter has been postponed up to 60kHz. And, a certain hall tone of the extension with a beautiful high region
that can be faintly listened from the ear is made gladly and performance person's certain movement is actually felt.
It is heard that there will be a new work of the headphone, too, in the future when web is seen.
Please send material by all means in the case.

Up to now, our company had not executed the customer questionnaire. The impression to make it publish this time is
the one having sent it from the customer oppositely in the form of the question and the reward.
And, the one that the publishing permission was gotten. I give a reward again.