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TakeT-SAC ; Soundstage Activator built in Cable
big photo.
■ When listening by headphone & earphone,
   a scattered soundstage is made natural.
■ High & low sensation will expand.
   Thickness of center-stage will increase.
■ The soundstage doesn't narrow
   and the stereo sensation becomes clearer.
■ The soundstage become vivid, as trancparency
   and 3D are improved.
Fixed price JPY 4,980
Specification ;
1. 3 poles 3.5φ mini plug & jack are connected by 3 strand cable.
2. Soundstage Activator which connect +L and +R by high impedance.
Attention ; We are also now selling the TakeT-SA for loudspeaker listening. (Please refer here.)
Use ;
You can use it as an extension cable of the headphone & earphone.
It becomes only 14 cm longer.
Note ;
A special earphone is attached to many smart phones etc. Those plugs have four
or five poles to operate several functions.
In that case, there is a possibility to produce abnormal sound, if such plugs are
inserted to the jack socket of the TakeT-SAC.
It is likely you will be able to listen without trouble if the point of contact position of the plug is moved
a little. But normally, please use the earphone or headphone that has the usual three poles.

contact us ; TakeT Inc. ttakei@axel.ocn.ne.jp